The History of CMI

Founded in 1996, CMI has steadily grown through adverse economic conditions because of its focus on customer satisfaction and quality. A family owned operation that began by the hard-work and dedication of two brothers had taken CMI to a national level in the architectural millwork industry. In 2010, Matthew Dunn (Co-Owner with his brother, Russell Dunn) bought out his brother and began implementing lean management techniques, strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and an overall focus on reliability. Our history and our customers have helped CMI grow into the force that it is today with its headquarters being over 150,000/SF and a workforce that has continued growing along with the company. Since its establishment, CMI has been family owned and customer service oriented, serving small businesses to large corporations on all commercial projects. Our success is based solely off of the satisfaction of our customers, a quality product that we provide and our efficiency in time and cost savings.

How We Operate

Our overall goal for operations is to remain efficient. Upon the project entering our estimating department, all architectural drawings are placed in a system that our estimating staff maintains to perform all takeoff and estimating with ease and accuracy. Not only does this save thousands of rolls of paper per year, it allows for quicker turn-around time for proposals. Upon award, your product is placed into a project management system that ensures all deadlines are met and product is delivered, on-site when needed. All products undergo a rigorous quality assurance check to ensure the product that you're receiving is above expectation. Our goal is not only for you to be satisfied with our product, but to stay on track with the project and ensure that we do our part to maintain success.

Our Quality

Quality is what our company is built on, therefore each and every product that leaves of facility is at-least, a Premium Grade product. CMI partakes in Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) projects as well as LEED projects. We believe that quality is the building blocks of a good company and want to do everything that we can to ensure we can offer our clients everything that they need in the way of quality craftsmanship.